NSK's Support Policy

We at Nihon Seizuki Kogyo Co., Ltd. have a complete Support Center to meet every question, every inquiry, and every need of our customers. NSK takes pride in putting more emphasis on the after-sale follow-up than anything else. As a principle that we abide by, there is no reason to create more customers when the existing ones are not only just satisfied, but genuinely happy with their purchase.

The foundation of our support system is not to make every customer join, but only the ones that would like to. The reasoning for this is to not forcibly make every customer pay an extra support fee, and to provide professional technical assistance to grow together.

The first year of support for every customer is completely free. From the second year onwards, the customer has the choice to enter into a yearly warranty system for extended support.

Also, in times of trouble, NSK provides on-the-spot house calls to customers when necessary.
We provide phone support in the same way; the first year is free of charge and any support after conducted through a yearly support contract or through on-the-spot service fees.