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Yearly Maintenance Service Contract

A free maintanence agreement comes with every product purchased from NSK. In the case of a product needing repair/service after the first year has ended, we have provided the following maintanence agreements below.
If you have any questions about the following whatsoever, plesae do not hesitate to contact us from the Contact Us page.

Yearly Maintenance Service Contract

1. After agreeing to a maintanence contract and paying a pre-determined amount for a year of maintenance, NSK will provide full support. However, please understand that even if no maintanence is conducted during the alloted time we are unable to return the maintanence fee.
2. The maintanence agreement is renewed yearly. For those customers that would like to not renew, maintanence will become spot maintanence and will be charged every time support is conducted.
3. For customers that would like to renew their maintanence contract, please sign the agreement and make payment before your current service runs out.
4. Transportation and consumables will be charged separately.
5. Maintanence and Service Time
Service will be conducted during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Expections being national holidays, New Years and NSK holidays.

Exceptions (Maintenance Considered Beyond the Scope of the Maintenance Agreement)

Any service outside of the time frame outlined above.
Any labor needed for the moving or removing of a machine
Daily cleaning and inspection of machine
Payment for consumables
Any repair for damage or a malfunction caused by fire, act of God, or any other factor for which NSK cannot accept responsibility.

Additional Matters Regarding the Application

As a principle, we only begin maintenance contracts with customers after the day that the warranty for the purchased product has expired.
If a customer does prepare to enter into a maintanence contact beforethe termination of the warranty period and as a result there is a span of time left open, any damage or malfuctions that occur within 30 days of starting the maintenance contract lie outside the limits of the yearly maintenance contact and therefore become on the spot maintenance.
For those customers presently enrolled in the yearly maintenance contact and would like to renew for next year, please do so before the contract expires.
NSK will send the customer a written notice of the yearly maintenance contact expiration 2 months before the final date. However, if for some reason the customer does not receive notification, please contact NSK.
The yearly maintenance contact has a flat fee, so please feel free to use the product without any other worries.