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About Spot Repairs

For customers who have not entered into a maintenance, free maintenance, or maintenance charge contract, the following on-the-spot services will incur an additional fee:

1. Any work requested by customers with no maintenance contact
2.Computer network, machine, workstation relocation
3. Software version updates
4. Hard disk upgrades
5. Any work or equpiment configuration other than what is included in the product order
6. Any other work that NSK judges as on-the-spot service

As a policy, NSK attends to the needs of customers with a maintenance contract before other customers. Therefore, if a situation arises where we have no choice but to put a customer with no maintenance contact on hold for a period of time, please give us your understanding.
In times of trouble, our engineers will visit the customer's site as soon they are available. However, please contact us and explain the situation in an emergency. Depending on various conditions, we can provide support on the same day or next day at the latest.

Please inquire regarding the services above during our regular hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm local time.

Phone Support Center
03-3276-0222 (In Japan)
+81-6-6578-0190 (Outside Japan)

We also provide support for software, etc. over the phone with our experienced and professional support staff.
*Support is also available by email. Please contact us at:support@nsksystem.co.jp