The ultimate strong and light eco material

The ultimate board

For displays, POP, Space Decoration, and Building Materials

changes in various ways depending on your ideas

It is a very strong material and can be used for displays that hold heavy objects such as cars and furniture.
Large booths that do not fit into POP displays can be constructed while maintaining the graphic quality.
It also has high moisture resistance and almost no warping, so it boasts extremely high stability even when used for long periods in locations with rapid environmental changes.

eco-story continues from before manufacture to after use

Despite having these characteristics, Re-board uses only trees that are over 80 years old and whose ability to absorb carbon dioxide has declined.
This is a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly material that is FSC-certified and SDGs-certified and manufactured only from forests in Northern Europe that have undergone a sustainable management system.
Made from 100% paper, it is 100% recyclable after use.



In addition to a rich lineup to make your design a reality, We also offer a wide variety of accessories that are essential for production.
It is possible to realize any design or idea.

The Fibre Story

The Fibre Story

Re-board is made from fresh wood fibers from the forests of Northern Europe. It is the ultimate eco-friendly material that can be recycled 5 to 7 times.
An eco-cycle story focusing on Re-board's fibers. Please take a look.


Case study Gallery

In addition to being an environmentally friendly material, Re-board is light and strong, Easy processing that allows designers to realize their free ideas, It has high printability.
Check out some of our fascinating production examples here.

Environmental Policy

SDGs Certified

Not only recyclability after use
Re-board's high environmental philosophy, paying particular attention to manufacturing raw materials

Re-board is made from 100% recyclable paper material.
Since no ingredients that have a negative impact on the environment or the human body are used in the manufacturing process, no toxic substances are generated when burned.
It is a very ecological material.

In addition, the pulp used as a raw material is only made from thinned wood.
Stable high quality due to not using waste paper as raw material, Forest protection by using only thinned wood. Re-board is manufactured with high principles for both quality and the environment.

The content of the initiative was recognized in January 2021, and Re-board® was recognized as a solution that complies with the SDGs.
Obtained certification. When you purchase or use Re-board, you will be informed that we are conducting activities that address the SDGs.
It will be possible to advertise and disseminate information.

FSC® Use of certified wood

At Re-board, pulp, which is the raw material for paper, is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Made with raw materials from recycled resources and other controlled sources.

The trees used are limited to old trees that are over 80 years old and have lost their ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Re-board is produced only from the remaining offcuts used as wood.

Stable high quality by not using waste paper as a raw material, and forest protection by using FSC-certified® wood. Re-board is manufactured with a high philosophy of both quality and the environment.

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