Re-board Lineup & Accessories

Re-board Lineup

Re-board Normal

Re-board® Normal

Re-board® Normal is available in 2D and 3D It is a creative board for building paper structures. The smooth and strong top layer of virgin fibers allows it to withstand crisp folds and demanding finishes. Print quality is the quality of high-end packaging.

Re-board Craft

Re-board® Craft

The Re-board® craft features a top layer of cardboard color (kraft) to emphasize the environmental message. Like all qualities of Re-board®, this one is based on a uniquely designed grooved core that is strong, easy to cut and prints perfectly.

e-board White

Re-board® White

Re-board® White is a low-reflective surface that provides both perfect readability and high-quality image reproduction with high-gloss contrast. The white coloring process does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the human body or the environment, and of course it is recycled as paper.

Re-board All Black

Re-board® All Black

The Re-board® All Black features a special charcoal-like matte black top layer and a black core of the same quality for an exquisite finish. The process of coloring black does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the human body or the environment, and of course it is recycled as paper.

Re-board® EuroclassC

Re-board® EuroclassC

Re-board®Euroclass C is a board with a flame retardant sandwiched between the top liner and the core. It meets the Euroclass C classification, which is the European non-combustible standard. It maintains the quality of Re-board® both as a building material and as a printing liner.
(It is treated as flameproof and is not non-combustible.)


Thickness of the board Re-board
Depth × Width (mm) 1100
Half-cut size
Half-cut size
Re-board®All Black

Board sizes can be manufactured from 3200 mm × 1600 mm.
The thickness of the board can be manufactured from 8 mm ~ many millimeters thick. Please contact us for more information.

Re-board Accessories

Re-board® Plastic Screws

Re-board® Plastic Screws

Re-board® plastic screws have been developed to provide maximum grip with the Re-board® core material.

Re-board® Loop Screws

Re-board® Loop Screws

Re-board® loop screws have a similarly good grip and have loops for hanging displays and signs.

Re-board® Screwdriver

Re-board® Screwdriver

Re-board® screwdrivers fit well with Re-board® screws and are great for including shipping designs for assembly.

Re-board® Hook

Re-board® Hook

The Re-board® hook has been developed to perfectly match the design of the Re-board® display, allowing you to hang your products or arrange them on a shelf.

Re-board® Corner Profiles 60°

Re-board® Corner Profiles 60°

Re-board® corner profile for joining the Re-board® at a 60° angle

Re-board® Corner Profiles 90°

Re-board® Corner Profiles 90°

The aluminum Re-board® corner profile joins the Re-board® at a 90° angle.

Re-board® Edge Band

Re-board® Edge Band

Edge bands seal the edges of the board, increasing the durability and design of the core.
NSK offers a lineup of 23 colors for 16mm wide edge bands. >>Learn more

Re-board® PaperEdgeTape

Re-board® PaperEdgeTape

The PaperEdgeTape is a combination of paper top and self-adhesive tape for smooth application.
NSK offers a lineup of 16 colors of 16mm wide PaperEdgeTape. >>Learn more

Tools for processing

Re-board® Liner Cleaning Tools

Liner Cleaning Tools

The liner cleaning tool is a dedicated tool for use when the core needs to be exposed, such as in the bending process.

Re-board® Hole Picker

Hole Picker

The Hole Picker is a tool for hollowing out a part of the Re-board in order to insert the joints and spears of the Re-board.


Edge Band Machine

Edge band applicator for more efficient Re-board production

The Edge Band Machine is a dedicated Re-board applicator that shortens the time required for installing edge bands and enables efficient work by one person. It is easy to handle and can be worked on by anyone.


Easily : Very easy to install edge bands
Anybody : All you have to do is press the pedal
Quickly : Significantly reduce time from manual work


Attaching edge bands while attaching large boards and glue was a lot of work done by hand. Edge-band machines dramatically increase the efficiency of these reboards.


It's very easy to use

Edge bands can be easily attached by hand, but it takes time and effort to attach them over a long distance at once or while pouring glue at the same time.

By gluing and attaching the edge bands at the same time, it became possible for one person to efficiently perform tasks that used to take a long time. It can also be attached to the side with an earl or to a large board in a powerful and speedy manner.


[Edge Band Machine] Structure Description・Spec

Model Machine body size
Top plate size Weight Edge band storage
Edge Band Machine 800 × 1000 × 1400 mm 800 × 400 mm around 80kg 2rolls

Both 8 mm and 16 mm edge bands are available.
Up to 2 rolls can be set, and there is no need to replace each color.

For displays, POPs, and building materials.

Edge Band

It is equipped with many accessories to make the Re-board
more stylish and functional.

There are three types of edge bands dedicated to Re-board.
1.Normal edge bands
2.Flood-edge band with less bulge in the band
3.Paper Edge Band Made of Paper
Click to go to the sales site.

By covering the edges of the re-board with edge bands, you can improve the protection and aesthetics of the edges of the board.

Color lineup 16mm 8mm 16mm
Ash Grey
Light Blue Sky Blue
Yellow Green Matcha Green
Deep Pink
Lght Pink
Pale Mauve
Dark Brown
Light Brown Wood
Dark Brown Wood
Deep Brown Wood

Wood types include light wood, dark wood, and various other grains. Please check the color pattern when ordering.