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From the beginning, we at NSK never differentiated between the Japanese market and the global market. As a matter of course, we develop products that the whole world can utilize. As the sole distributer of various products within Japan, we are not simply moving a product from one place to another, but refining it to fit the industry where it will be applied. This is something that the Japanese are known for and we take pride in doing it well.

Recently, we are constructing process management systems for dozens of Japanese companies, both big and small, in the folding carton manufacturing industry. Thanks to the wild success of our management systems, we are actively pushing into markets outside of Japan as well. In such countries as Germany, England, Thailand, Singapore, China and the United States, we are participating in exhibitions and spreading the NSK name.

We look forward to showing what NSK can do at overseas exhibitions.

Countries where the main NSK business partners are located:

United States , Germany , England , France , Italy , Belgium , Austria , Spain , Norway , Sweden

Australia , Israel , Philippines , Malaysia , Thailand , Hong Kong , Singapore , Taiwan