Expanding the Possibilities and Going Beyond the Status Quo.

NSK proposes optimal data management solutions for the manufacturing industry, centered on CAD to create new and original concepts. From a highly efficient workflow and a thorough elite minority company policy, we propose systems that utilize CAD data for any application - ERP, PDM, CRM, SCM, and more.


Times have become stricter than ever, and it is certain that the future will clearly define and separate the industry winners from the losers. However, this presents a great opportunities for companies to join the winning team. Naturally, our company is equipped with a wide variety of elements necessary to win, and we are confident we will come out on top.


At our company, there is no boundary between Japan and the foreign market, and we are continuing to focus on bringing NSK solutions to the United States, the EU, China, India, and beyond, considering both domestic and foreign business together as one. We are developing new software and hardware solutions to shake up the industry and aim to become a "small giant" active around the globe, so please look forward to NSK's innovations, wherever in the world you are.

CEO Masanori Fukuda