SheetMaker Outline

Corrugated Manufacturing Process Management Solution

All of the Information You Want to Manage Is Right Here.

SheetMaker is a product management system for handling short run and extremely short run jobs, variable design projects, and quick turnaround jobs.

With SheetMaker, the critical management of products, distrubution, production and inventory is unified, making the workflow as easily manageable as possible

Today’s corrugated industry strives to meet the needs of the customers. This very often leads to the need to manage each product differently. Due to the high cost of materials, the importance of making the most out of the materials purchased has become a serious issue within the industry.

For this reason, the industry is trending toward shorter runs with greater variability and faster turnaround requirements. With these current and incoming changes in the corrugated industry, it is hard to keep up if everything is managed in a paper-based system. To meet customer needs in the new generation of corrugated production, NSK provides a digitalized unified management solution with SheetMaker.

onORACLE NSK is currently developing various projects using Oracle and is registered as an accredited On Oracle member.

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