Edge Band Machine for Re-board

More Efficiency in Re-board Display Production

Quickly and Easily Assemble Edge Band

Simple Streamline Assembly
Fast Save Significant Working Hours
Easy to use Foot Pedal Operation

Streamline the edge band application. All you need to do is to step on a foot pedal. The machine eliminates manual work and offers significant time saving.

Edge Band, which is used to cover edges of Re-board, can be manually applied with a glue gun. This is possible as long as you are working with samples or small lots. However, if you are dealing with larger lots, it takes too much time and effort and manual gluing is no longer efficient.

Gluing medium lot and large lots used to require enormous effort and time. Edge Band Machine can handle these larger lots and easily applies Edge Band even to bigger sizes of Reboard. It generates significant Re-board productivity gains, and leads to saved production time and quicker deliveries.

The Edge Band Machine is a machine dedicated to Re-board, making assembly faster and independent work more efficient to save you time in processing your products. Its foot pedal operation make it easy for anyone to use.

How to Use.

エッジバンドマシンノズル エッジバンドマシンアップ


Edge Band Machine
Machine Size (mm) Work Table (mm) Weight Edge Band Storage
800(W)×1000(H)×1400(D) 800(W)×400(H) approx.80kg 2 rolls

※8mm and 16mm Edge Band are compatible with Edge Band Machine.
※Edge Band Machine can hold up to 2 rolls.

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