Crease Line Measurement Machine

Automating the Measure of Crease Height, Which Was Done Manually After Die-Press

In the case of products which are inserted as their boxes are assembled, such as food packages, the packaging demands a high level of accuracy.
The crease lines need to be measured in 16 places on average for a sheet at the beginning, middle, and end of the die press run. This troublesome crease line measurement, which used to be done completely by hand, is now automated.

Measuring Process

Coordination of NS-Measurement and PiCSYS*Optional

New Coordination with “Work Control System PiCSYS”
   Unified Management of Die Board Information
   and Measuring Result

By registering a single piece drawing and a layout drawing to the die board information of PiCSYS, crease line measurement is done using die board information which is linked when production is achieved. The results are stored in the PiCSYS database, so it is easy to check measuring results from the production record.

“PiCSYS for NS-Measurement”
   5 Advantages of Introducing PiCSYS

1.Automated numbering for the crease lines' measured points
 on single layout drawings
2.Automated measuring of creasing height and recording of
 measuring results
3.Automated crease examination, which used to be done visually
4.By mechanizing crease line measuring, stable measuring results
 are obtained and time is saved
5.By coordinating die board information and measuring results,
 human error such as using incorrect items or designs are reduced

Output of Report Files

It is possible to output the measurement results to an Excel file.
Reading and storage of the data is simple.


Main Specifications of NS-Measurement

1/1000 Accuracy by Laser

It is possible to measure crease lines down to the μm(micrometer).

Fully Automated Measuring

Set the paper and all of the crease lines in the design are measured one by one.

Measured Lines Are Shown by Illustration

The shape of the crease lines are shown in an easy to understand drawing.

Crease Deviation Judgment Feature

Gaps between the center point of crease line widths and actual measured center points are checked.
The gaps are judged for whether they are within the set tolerance or not.

[Red horizontal line]Crease line width[mm]
[Red vertical line]Ideal point calculated from crease line width[mm]
[Blue vertical line]Actual point guided from top of waveform

Customizable Depending on Demand

The table size can be customized according to customers' needs


NS-Measurement SpecificationsDesign and Dimensions

Dimensions : WxDxH 800 × 735 × 1023 mm
Weight 100kg
Measuring Range:X×Y×θ 480 × 480 × 180°
Minimum Display Unit 0.01mm、0.01°
Measuring Accuracy ±10μm
Measuring Thickness and Width Thickness:10mm Width:12.5mm
Power Supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Installation Environment : Temperature/Humidity 20℃ ±3℃/Under 60%
Blower motor 360 x 280 x 300 mm

∗1 Table size is customizable at customer's request on ordering.
∗2 Specifications and unit appearance may be changed without notice due to product development.
∗3 There are some conditions which are difficult for the machine to measure. For details, please contact our sales department.