Automatic Lift Hand Fork

Reduction of Work in Material and Load Transport Realized
An Easy-to-Use Automatic Hand Fork Anyone Can Operate

A Powerful Support for Manual Labor in the Workplace

The First Step Towards a Smarter Factory
  • Transport and placement of materials for processing are made faster and easier for factory staff.
  • Anyone can operate the machine alone.
  • The compact body makes use in tight spaces possible.
  • Battery-powered for any usage environment.
  • No engine means cleaner operation.
    → Air cleaners or other equipment are not necessary.
    → Reduces health and accident risks for workers in the factory.
  • A new machine connected to existing solutions.
    → Lighten heavy loads on workers and reduce work time.
    → Can be used with currently installed machinery.

Easy Operability

Can Switch Between Each Mode Easily by Switch and Buttons

  • Manual Mode
    → Buttons easily operate the lift up and down
  • Automatic Lifting Mode
    →Raises to a height determined by the sensor
  • Automatic Lowering Mode
    → Lowered to a height sensor determined by the sensor


About Automatic Lift Functions

Work Which Requires Bending Over is Reduced to Lessen Worker Loads and Working Hours

  • Automatic Lifting Mode
    Materials and loads stacked on the lift will continue to rise until reaching the height detected by sensor.
  • Automatic Lowering Mode
    Materials and loads stacked on the lift will continue to lower until reaching a height where sensor cannot be detected.

Automatic Lift Hand Fork Specifications

Automatic Lift Hand Fork
Model LF5410 LF6810 LF5415 LF6815
Maximum Load 1000kg 1500kg
Fork Length 1150mm 1150mm
Fork Width 540mm 680mm 540mm 680mm
Machine Weight 158kg 163kg 183kg 188kg
Height Range 85-800mm
Battery 12(V) / 75(A/H)
Electrical Input 220-240