NS-Crease Line 8ATC


Intelligent Counterplate Processing System with Auto-Tool Changer Dieboard IN-PLANT Production

The NS-Crease Line 8ATC is a fully loaded counter plate processing system with an automatic tool changer. Beginning with the ability to automatically switch between 8 types of tool, the NS-Crease Line 8ATC is also equipped with a touch-panel for easy operation.

There is also a device that automatically adjusts the Z-axis height according to the thickness of the material. Lastly, you can also create steel counter plates as an added option.

Measure the Distance from the Center of the Gutter Width of Each Crease to the Center

Measure the distance from the center of Gutter width of each crease and Width of rule cutting die.

Automatic height and depth adjustment and tool changing makes completely automatic production a reality.

  • Takes the conventional semi-automatic process and makes it completely automatic
  • Gets rid of bothersome tool changing
  • No matter who operates the machine, the end result is always of the highest caliber
  • The first ball-screw in the industry
  • The fastest and more accurate system in the industry
  • Touch-panel interface that anyone can use

NS-Crease Line 8ATC
Intelligent Counter Plate Processing System with Auto-Tool Changer

The NS-Crease Line 8ATC has several features designed to stand out in the market and offer high-accuracy, high-quality and high-consistency counter plate production.

Auto-Tool Changer

Use any of the 8 tools made available without having to worry about manually adjusting.

Ball&Screw Control System

Using the first ball & screw system in the industry, you can rest assured that even after long hours of production, NS-Crease Line 8ATC’s accuracy will stay constant.

Z-Axis Height Auto-Adjust

By measuring the height of the material on the table, the tool cut depth is automatically adjusted accordingly, allowing you to make a steady crease line.


Model NS-Crease Line 8ATC
Driving Method AC Servo Motor with Ball & Screw
No. Of Stored Tools 8
Milling Size (Customizable)
Repetition Accuracy ±0.01mm
Electricity 3 Way AC 200V 4.18Kw
Machine Size H1580 x W1832 x D1650
Maximum Loading Capacity 10kg
Supported Formats DXF/HPGL/NC code (G Code) files
Operation Environment Temp: 20℃ ±10℃ Humidity: 50% - 70%