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Counter Plate Production & Sample Cutting System

  • From counter plate production, to blankets with a half-cut, to folding carton sample-making, all in one table.
  • Instant cutting and milling without changing the head
  • Supports the folding carton industry
  • Simple layout makes anyone able to operate
  • Also suited for short-run production
  • Equipped with cutting-edge functions in the industry for minimized prodution time and cost
  • Reliable repeatability

Makes cutting cost and time possible for short run production

The NS-CREASE LINE is a machine which posseses the folding carton industry's most innovative technology. From sample cutting to counter plate and blankets, a wide variety of production possibilities are made possible. Simply save the settings for each material and let the automatic depth sensor do its work. Even people without industry know-how are able to operate this machine care-free. Also, gutters, tapers, and shape cutting are made possible with each tool included when the machine is delivered.

For the customer, NSK not only provides the machine, but also information for each material that will be used in the form of a database. The settings of the machine are made to be able to be read by every printer in the market to allow fully automatic operation.

The NS CREASE LINE was designed while keeping in mind simple human error and the knowledge of the industry in order to maximize the efficiency of a digital workflow. In terms of cost performance, the customer doesn't have to use the machine just for sample cutting and counter plates. With the added option of using the the blanket cutting function, the machine can be fully utilized. Using a rack and pinion gear system, accuracy and speed are taken a step further.

CREASE LINE Performance Chart
Movement Ball & Scren XYZ Axes
Milling Size Please Inquire (Customizable)
Milling Range 1070 mm X 1070 mm
Cutting Range 1600 mm X 1200 mm
Repetition Acc. ±0.01mm
Speed(Max) 30M/min
Electricity 3-way 200V, 20A
Machine Size 2250 mm W X 2450mm D X 1300mm H
Weight 600Kg
Supported Format DXF / HPGL / NC code(G Code) files
Suitable Environment Temp: 20˚C±10˚C Humidity: 50 – 70% (no frost)

The Intelligent Counter Plant Production System CREASE LINE-R

CREASE-LINE RThe highest level of counter plate machinery. Milling for bakelite or steel is no longer a worry. The CreasLine-R not only improves durability, but also lowers the set time of steel counter plates. Not all counter plate machines can cut through steel, though it's best to use those that can for steel is of the highest quality and lasts the longest among counter plates. Simple manage the design with the attached computer to conduct quick or lengthy cutting endeavors.

Steel Counter plate Bakelite・PP Counter plate Production

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