Furniture Design Freedom with Re-board

Soueisha Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kazuya Shimogaki
Representative Director

Soueisha Co., Ltd., based in the city center of Kita-ku, Osaka, makes use of its location to consistently carry out planning, production, and construction projects in the signage industry.

Strengthening Re-board® furniture design capabilities expands the possibilities of proposals infinitely.

"Our main goal is to improve our ability to make proposals using paper-based fixtures such as Re-board® and enter new markets. Thanks to the production know-how we received, Re-board® is proving to be very effective for our business."

Re-board® achieves dramatic improvements to production efficiency and strengthens proposal capabilities.

About Future Business Prospects

"By replacing exhibition and store fixtures often made of wood with Re-board®, they become lightweight, easy for anyone to assemble, and easier to implement complex design due to ease of processing. I feel there is a lot of potential.
In the future, I would like to strengthen production of three-dimensional sign proposals that also incorporate epoxy designs. We hope that customers will contact us regarding their issues with sign creation and space production."

"We are actively developing three-dimensional space productions such as event booths, furniture, and culps that take advantage of Re-board® Technology."

Solution Introduced

Strong, Light, Eco-Friendly Production Material

More Info An eco-friendly production material made from 100% paper, responding to designer needs for material with "rugged yet light," "easy to mold and process," and "high printability" design.
In line with Sustainable Development Goals.

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