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Yokohama Litera Co., Ltd. Introduction

A Massive 40% Increase in Productivity with the Introduction of Our MIS, PiCSYS

Yokohama Litera Co., Ltd. is a general printing information processing company that offers one-stop service, from project planning, to manufacturing, printing, distribution, and delivery. They are mainly active in packaging, but also create POP displays, labels, and flyers.

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Yokohama Litera Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Yokohama-sho Totsuka-ku Kamiyabe-cho 2039-2

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Newly Accessible Information Revolutionized Staff System Awareness

Taking on Raising Production Efficiency and Managing Part Details

Here, we will explain the introduction the NSK solution of an integrated packaging design CAD (ArtiosCAD), short run sample cutting machine (Kongsberg), plate processing software (DeskPack), and package manufacturing process management system (PiCSYS) for Yokohama Litera and their direct affiliate in the pre-press design and plate making industry, Star Process.

These companies have implemented the latest technology and equipment available in order to further strengthen ther pledges to their customers by responding as quickly and correctly as possible along with the highest level of quality. It is with this commitment to an ever-increasing level of efficiency in the workplace that Yokohama Litera and Star Process pursue the creation of a foundation of a digital workflow.

"We needed an MIS that fit the packaging industry's way of thinking."
(Mr. Saruhashi, Reform Team Chief)

The Reform Team had big job to do. They had to find an MIS to cross the departmental borders in a company that regulates all in-house information departmentally by making the information easily accessible. The system they chose was the MIS that was developed especially for the packaging industry, PiCSYS.

As Mr. Murano stated, “The main problem we had was that none of the MIS's were made for this industry." There are many MIS's in the world, but none have been developed with the packaging industry in mind. If the MIS is not applicative to the packaging industry, there are not many ways it can be used to manage. Yokohama Litera tested various other MIS's, but PiCSYS was the only one to meet their expectations.
PiCSYS manages every part of the packaging workflow: creating the quotation, creating the layout, designing, platemaking, dieboard design, manufacturing and shipment. In September, 2005 Yokohama Litera kicked off the PiCSYS introduction, beginning with the installation of the quotation system, later inserting the production, distribution and inventory management systems to make a fully PiCSYS-managed system.

"The first thing we teach new employees has changed from 'How to make a quote' to 'How to visit a prospective customer.'" (Mr.Murano, Reform Team Chief)

The first thing that Litera was looking for was a way to improve the amount of quatations being made without having to hire another experienced salesperson. Mr. Saruhashi also needed the “ability to conduct tasks unique to this industry, such as nesting." PiCSYS has these abilities. To be able to choose the specific base paper, select the flute, conduct nesting, etc., all of the functions unique to a layout are available. Taking these numbers, you can then calculate a price for the quotation. From there, choose a layout that creates the least amount of loss or is most appropiate to the order in the Layout Simulator.
Entering the production information, such as the unit price, extra total, etc., to be used in the quotation unit price, quantity, and backup quantity, makes automatic quotation calculation a reality. Mr. Murano appreciates how PiCSYS "…eliminates the amount of work that is conventionally needed for quotations with different lots, paper sizes, etc."

Before PiCSYS, Litera conducted its confirmation workflow by faxing 4 separate copies. After installing the PiCSYS MIS, the amount of time it takes to respond to customers' needed has dropped dramatically.

With PiCSYS, the average salesperson at Litera makes 20 to 30 quotations a day. Using the information database, even new salespeople can make a quotation like a veteran. As Mr. Murano says, “The first thing we teach new employees has changed from ‘How to make a quote' to ‘How to visit a prospective customer."

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Yokohama Litera's Critical Solution System

Package Manufacturing Process Management Program PiCSYS

PicsysFrom the moment the order is received all the way to inventory management, everything is tied together with the PiCSYS workflow.
PiCSYS was developed with the sole aim of connecting people in the least amount of time from the start of the order, to manufacturing, shipping, and the inventory management needed afterwards. It is because of this that no overlap occurs between company departments, minimizing the amount of paperwork while maximizing the amount of digital data accessed.

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High-end General Design CAD System  ArtiosCAD

The global standard CAD program for packaging. ArtiosCAD is not used only for making layouts, but also information management, in the form of database, allows the user to re-create repeat orders. Finally, use the wealth of saved designs to further maximize in-house efficency.


Multi-cutting Machine Kongsberg

kongsbergMulti-cutting of everything, from corrugated materials to foam, and even acrylic board.


For information regarding NSK products…

e-mail sales@nsksystem.co.jp

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