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Alc Co., Ltd. Introduction

Making quick turnarounds with a high quality product a reality wth ArtiosCAD and CREASE LINE

Alc Co., Ltd. Company Profile

株式会社アルク様Located in Saitama Prefecture, Alc Co., Ltd. is using a water-jet and laser cutting system for metals, plastics, and other special substances for the production of gutters and counterplates for dieboards. Additionaly, thanks to the introduction of our production system, Alc now also creates product samples and fills short run orders.
Through the production of high-quality products with quick turnaround times Alc is meeting the needs of its customers and then some. The president himself is taking the initiative and pioneering into what are considered unchartered markets with his company now that he has the machinery that allows him to do so.

Alc Co., Ltd.【Company Details】
Alc Co., Ltd.
Address: Saitama Prefecture, Yoshikawa-shi, Minami-hiroshima-mae-dori 73-1
URL: https://www.e-alc.co.jp/index.html

How it All Happened

The Goal: To Make Higher-Quality Products with Shorter Turnaround Times

This caused a great deal of time to be spent making the product, as well as fixing the human error that inevitably with handmade industrial products.
In order to solve these problems as well as reach the goal of making a constant high-quality product with a quick-turnaround time, there was a need to revolutionize the workflow.
Also, running with the then-current DOS system, it was not possible to keep up with the changes in the industry. Alc also needed a platform upgrade that would enable them to take on the jobs of not only the present, but of the future as well.

It was then that Alc took our advice and purchased the all-purpose packaging design and manufacturing program, ArtiosCAD. Using Artios, any oneup or layout design can be instantly converted into a counter plate format. With this new ability at their fingertips, Alc was able to make the most of Artios's ability and make a layout for an entire counter plate from just the oneup that the customers would hand over.
Later, Alc installed our CREASE LINE. With ArtiosCAD and CREASE LINE combined, Alc was then finally able to achives its goal of creating a high-quality product in a short amount of time.


Of course, it is common for a layout having to be made. It is then that the convenience of ArtiosCAD truly comes out.

Results Obtained

   By using ArtiosCAD, Alc was able to make counter plate layout data from CAD files received from the customer.

Thanks to the introduction of ArtiosCAD and CREASE LINE, Alc was able to shorten their production time dramatically. What used to take two hours of long, hard manual labor could now be completed in a matter of minutes. As far as quality, since Alc started using ArtiosCAD for designing, the amount of complaints from their customers has practically vanished. When cutting with the CREASE LINE, there are no more fuzzy lines that need to be fixed before delivery. Also, with the CREASE LINE, it's not just counter plates that are being produced, but folding carton samples and short run products as well.


It only takes one person to create
the data in ArtiosCAD and then
operate the CREASE LINE.


In an Environment Where Everything Is Used to Its Maximum

For even the most basic handiwork needed when making a counter plate, a certain level of industry expertise is necessary. However, with the introduction of a digital workflow, anyone with little to no industry knowledge can learn how to make a high-quality Product only after minimal training. Due to its easy operability and simple maintenance, at Alc, ArtiosCAD designing and cutting machine operation is all conducted by a single person.

By using Alc as an example, you too can dramatically shorten production time and raise the quality of your product at the same time.


Switiching tools has become a simple task. With their purchase, Alc has not only simplfied their production process, but has raised their quality as well!

Case Study

From cutting samples to counter plates and blankets, this machine does it all.

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