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Printing and Packaging Integration Management System

Advantage #5 What We Offer

To the Achievement of Optimal Business

Providing the optimal solutions for our clients

PiCSYS, with its array of functions, is the problem solver that you’ve been looking for. PiCSYS supports a wide variety of demands from our clients. However, we at NSK also have an advantage to offer you as a newcomer.

That advantage is all the knowledge and know-how that we have obtained from the many successful years we have in this industry. It’s with this knowledge that we move forward with our client to tackle problems that they may have while creating new opportunities that they didn’t. This is the advantage that we as a company offer to you.

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The Sales Management AdvantageTo “The Sales Management Advantage”

To “PiCSYS Enterprise Workflow”PiCSYS Enterprise Workflow

onORACLENSK is currently developing various projects using Oracle and is
registered as an accredited On Oracle member.

Requests for Additional Material & Inquiries
For questions regarding the package manufacturing management program PiCSYS, please do not hesitate to email us.

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