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Printing and Packaging Integration Management System

Advantage #3 The Production Operation Advantage

When managing data with PiCSYS, all information, including native CAD data, can be shared throughout various company departments creating a smooth workflow for the production operations.

Manage the Latest Information & Current Status in Real Time

Prevent mistakes by using PiCSYS’s confirmation system. By checking the CAD layout design at the production site, you can prevent oversights caused by a lack of confirmation during printing and cutting. Plus, to check on your order’s production status, all you have to do is open that project in PiCSYS from your computer. Gone are the days of having to make your customer wait while you look for the production manager in another building.

Manage the latest information & current status in real time

Die Board PreviewDie Board Preview (Zoom-in)

Die Board Preview

Die Board Preview (Zoom-in)

Using Barcodes for Production Management, Reducing Oversights

Using barcodes for production management reduces oversights By using barcodes to manage the production process, oversights that come from a paper based system such at typos and missed confirmations are quickly eliminated.

When creating a production plan, PiCSYS allows the user to create a Gantt chart for the creation of an easy to understand schedule.

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