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Printing and Packaging Integration Management System

Advantage #2 Running an Efficient Sales Operation

In the printing and packaging industry, one of the most time-consuming and worrisome tasks is making a quotation.
Quotations are made differently by each sales representative depending on his or her sales ability and know-how, the flexibility of the proposal, if the customer is new or a repeat, etc. However, in the case of there being a similar or idential quotation in the past, there are times when the sale representative has to spend large amount of valuable time to search for it, and perhaps may not even find it at all. All of this searching, of course, consumes time. Even if the proposal is a new one, the salesperson has to conduct an assortment of detailed, very important calculations to not only give the client the best price possible, but also to make sure that his or her company makes a suitable profit.

Also, for repeat projects, thanks to the digitization of all documents, there is no need to worry about having to find a quotation that was made yesterday, last month, or last year.

Creating a Quotation with the Automatic Quotation Calculator Leaves More Time to Work on Making the Sale.

Being an MIS system, PiCSYS allows the user to search through all of the digitized quotation materials in a range of different ways, leaving the user able to retrieve the applicable file quickly and easily. Plus, quotations with different lots, number of colors, etc. can be created in an instant with the automatic calculation feature for unit prices and/or lot price.
Also, no expert or technical knowledge is needed to create a new quotation; the truth is that anyone with basic computer knowledge can alter the layout pattern using the design simulation feature. With this feature, you no longer need to run between various company departments or buildings to gather information for your quotation.

Automatic Quotation Calculation

Automatic Quotation Calculation

The amount of time you can save using the repeat project function is priceless. Simply reload a past project and edit only the parts that have changed since the first order. However, also with new quotations, the time needed is reduced dramatically. For a new brand new proposal, one of over 1000 already prepared standards can be chosen with only the length, width, and height entry necessary. This leaves a salesperson with little to no CAD experience able to simulate a layout. With this function, it goes without saying that PiCSYS increases the turnaround time for quotations and at the same time raises the ability of your company’s sales team to put themselves out in the field.

Standard Design Creation Layout Simulation

Standard Design Creation

Layout Simulation

Management Improvement Through the Management Activity Analysis Function

PiCSYS can manage an order before it is confirmed, making it possible to judge the sales activity of your company through the analyzation of received as well as lost orders.

Business Activity Analysis

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