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Advantage #1 The Advantage of Data Management Digitalizatio

How Long Does it Take You to Find the Information You Need?

One of the most noted features of PiCSYS is being able to unify data management for effective business. Conventionally, each sales representative normally keeps the quotation, specification sheet, Artios CAD design data, etc., in short, all of the paperwork needed for each proposal, separately. If this information is not organized or collected, it can become lost before it is even used.

Unification of All Related Data

Unification of all related data

datasheetWhen using PiCSYS, all the data related to a proposal, even the native CAD data, is organized into one specification sheet. All of the sales data is digitized so your need to thousands of forms and sheets simply disappears. Also, when importing native CAD data into the specification sheet, the mistake of using an old version of data is eliminated thanks to the automatic updating of design data.

Simplified Searches for Materials, Making Business Dramatically More Efficient.

When using files managed by PiCSYS, you can find what you need when you need it instantly, which allows you to be able to quickly meet the needs of the customer.
PiCSYS doesn’t simply assimilate and store all of your business’s data, but effectively uses it for easier management as an ERP that meets your needs.

Simplifies searching for materials. Make business dramatically more efficient.

Page LayoutOneup CAD Design

Page Layout

Oneup CAD Design

Design Oneup CAD Design (w/ graphic)Dieboard Layout CAD Design

Design Oneup CAD Design (w/ graphic)

Dieboard Layout CAD Design

The PiCSYS AdvantageTo “The PiCSYS Advantage”

To ”Running an Efficient Sales Operation”Running an efficient sales operation

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