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Privacy Policy

Nihon Seizuki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereby referred to as NSK) manages personal information received within the Nihon Seizuki Kogyo Co., Ltd. Website (https://www.nsksystem.co.jp) as stated below. Please read and confirm the following information before using the NSK website.

Article 1 Definition of Personal Information
The definition of personal information, as used such by NSK’s website, consists of one or more of the following: name, sex, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, and the record of having visited this site.

Article 2 Collection of Personal Information
At the NSK website your personal information is received during the instances listed below. Every time we request personal information we clearly explain the reason why and how much information will be taken. Finally, the offering of such data results from the user’s willingness to do so.

  • When downloading a plug-in, etc.
  • When contacting NSK with a inquiry

Article 3 Requesting Personal Information
As a principle, whenever NSK requests personal information we always explain the reason. It can be the case where we or one of our affiliates receives a user’s email address to send certain information. However, if the user does not wish to receive such information, he is able to stop our sending of it.

Article 4 Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties

  • Individual nature of the information cannot be identified
  • Having received consent from the user
  • Having tied a contract previously with another company with which it is agreed to share a limited amount of information

Article 5 About Our Use of Personal Information
In cases where agreements have been made regarding the sharing of limited amounts of information:
The user is able to reference, edit and delete their personal information registered on NSK’s website at any time. Users that wish to alter their data should refer to our Inquiries page. In order to prevent the leakage of our users’ information, NSK will not allow the alteration or deletion of any information before the identification of the user can be confirmed. As an exception, if it is ruled that the possession of any user’s information causes harm to the life, body, or estate of another users then it is NSK’s right to freely delete such information.

Article 6 Safety
We at NSK consider ourselves fully responsible for the safe-keeping of our users’ personal information. We do not only prevent such information from leaking outside, but are working hard to keep your information safe from foreign parties.

Article 7 About Cookies
NSK’s website uses cookies to recognize and memorize our users’ information.

Article 8 Privacy Policy Corrections
NSK may edit or alter any part of its Privacy Policy. NSK will report dramatic changes on its homepage to inform our users.

Article 9 Questions
We at NSK take full responsibility for the handling of our users’ personal information. For any questions or inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at sales@nsksystem.co.jp.

Article 10 Using Our Website
The usage of NSK’s website reflects the agreement of the user with Privacy Policy of NSK.

7 Nov 2019