Triple Table System ZERO’s triple table system enables multitask processing.
The next sheet is automatically fed after one process is finished. This system eliminates downtime and boosts productivity.
Individual X and Y Processing System A more efficient and entirely new processing method, dedicated X and Y stations change the concept of processing.
By separating the actions into X and Y, there is no need to process each line individually like aconventional sample cutting machine.
Performing all actions in a single axis at once leads to a dramatic increase in processing speed.
Easier Operation Using a Tablet No special system is required to run the machine.
Anyone can operate the whole system intuitively using a tablet.

1. Loading Unit

Set a pallet on the loading unit. The pickup arm moves the sheet to the shuttle table, and enables cutting according to the print position.

2. X-Axis Processing

The tools move up and down as the shuttle table moves forward, processing the X-axis as it goes.
This simultaneous processing dramatically reduces production time.

3. Y-Axis Processing

The shuttle table stops and the Y-Axis cutting arm moves across the print sheet.
The tools move up and down to cut, similar to the X-axis.

4. Finishing

Arcs and diagonal lines are processed at this stage.
The twin arm system increases the processing speed further.

5. Unloading Unit

The pickup arm brings the sheet to the stacker for unloading.
The unloading area allows easier access for moving the materials with a pallet jack.


ZERO achieves the best processing speed with folding boxes, tuck boxes, and displays which need X- and Y- axis processing.
These designs are the most efficient and maximize ZERO’s performance.


Sample Processing Speed

Machine Specification

Model Digital Converting Machine ZERO
Max. working size *1 800 - 1000 mm 2200 - 1400 mm 2400 - 1600 mm
Max. sheet size *2
1000 - 1200 mm *Customizable
Machine size
H2000 - W8400 - D3250 mm
Max. loading capacity
Power specification
3 phase, AC400V/20kW
Environment requirement Temp: 20℃ ± 10℃ Humidity:50% - 70% (non condensation)

*1,*2 Customizable

Customization and Versatility

As ZERO is a made-to-order machine, the machine size and working size are customizable to your processing needs.
The number of tools and tables can be selected according to your requested production speed. With the heavy duty option, the maximum loading weight can be increased. And a variety of tools, such as the creasing and double-creasing tools, are available depending on your specific needs.
Please inform us of any requests, as we can deliver an extensive range of customization options according to your specific materials and needs.



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