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Environmentally-friendly; 100% recyclable eco material


Quickly and Easily assemble Edge Band

Simplicity Streamline the assembling
Speedy Save significant working hours
Easy-to-use Only have to step on the foot pedal

Edge band which can cover edges of Re-board can manually assemble with glue gan. It is available to make in manual as in small lot or sample. However, if you get many more lot, it takes much time and trouble and is not efficient.

Glue works with medium and large lot or Edgeband assemble with big size Re-board originally needs enormous effort doing. In contrast, Edge band machine can handle the number of lots and easy to assemble the Edgeband to big size Re-board. It generate significant Re-board productivity gains, and lead to achievement of shortening of hours and quick delivery.

Edge band machine is process machinery dedicated Re-board, which can make shortening of assemble hours and efficiency ofindependent work. It is easy to use and anyone can handle.

エッジバンドマシンノズル エッジバンドマシンアップ

Machine Size (mm) Work Table (mm) weight Edge band storage
800(W)×1000(H)×1400(D) 800(W)×400(H) approx.80kg 2 rolls

※Both 8mm and 16mm Edge band can enabled
※Edge band can place up to 2 rolls

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