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Environmentally-friendly; 100% recyclable eco material


Re-board is an environmentally friendly material developed in Europe.
Re-board is a new material, which has high moisture resistance and durability, despite being made of 100% paper based materials.
Re-board is also resistant to warping. Because both sides have a white liner, Re-board can easily be printed on with direct inkjet printing. With all these features, Re-board can be used for versatile applications.

Optimum Quality for Producing a Display

Re-board's surface is covered by white liner and has high printability with solvent and UV inkjet printers. Due to its rigidity and high moisture resistance, Re-board has high form stability even in extreme environmental changes. Re-board is the best material for POP displays.

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100% Recyclable Eco Material

Re-board is a highly environmentally friendly material. Post-handling is quite easy because Re-board is recyclable just like other paper or corrugated materials. Re-board will not emit any environmentally harmful substances since none are used in materials or manufacturing. It also doesn't contain any toxic chemical substances that may be harmful. Re-board uses highly friendly materials for both people and the environment.

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Various Special Accessories

Re-board has various accessories such as Color Edge bands for finishing, and optional accessories for easy assembly, etc. Edge bands come in many color variations, which can add premium accents for your products. Dedicated Re-board screws and profiles can be used repeatedly. They make it possible not only to assemble an elaborate design, but also add durability and strength.


Surprisingly Strong

Re-board has high rigidity in spite of its light and flat construction. It doesn't bend even if you apply a 12kg load on a 400mm x 200mm area of the board. If you increase the area of contact, it can bear more weight.
Depending on a design, you can also load heavy objects like a car, and still it can maintain solidity and durability. Therefore you can produce a weight bearing sign display, furniture, exhibition booth, and temporary stores with Re-board.

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