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Printing and Packaging Integration Management System

Package manufacturing process management program PiCSYS

Today there are still many companies that store their quotations and specification sheets on paper. The disadvantages of having a paper-based system have become impossible to ignore in this swiftly and suddenly changing industry.

That leaves us with the question of how the current paper-based system can be made more flexible. The answer is PiCSYS, and it is how we are revolutionizing the industry by offering a digital solution.

The PiCSYS Advantage

The merits of digital data and file mangement
All data, including CAD native data, that is related to a proposal (quotation, specification sheet, etc.) is collected into one layout specification file.

More efficient sales management

Using PiCSYS, a sales representative can create a sales quotation by himself using the automation price calculation feature, allowing for more time to concentrate on sales.

Merits of Production
Manage the latest data and progress reports in real-time. Also, production related loss is dramatically reduced with the help of a barcode reader to track the product.

Merits for distribution management
A distribution management system that has been specially for the package printing industry.

What we at NSK have to offer you, the customer

To “PiCSYS Outline”To “PiCSYS Outline”

To “The merits of digital data and file mangement”To “The merits of digital data and  file mangement”

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Requests for additional material & inquiries
For questions regarding the package manufacturing management program PiCSYS, please do not hesitate to email us.

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