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Artios CAD Outline

Unparalled functions, beginning with drafting

Artios CADArtios CAD is the global standard CAD system for the packaging industry. Constant efforts have been made for continuous software improvement resulting in a CAD system that contains cutting-edge technology. Artios CAD has ended the days of simply graphing a package’s layout and has moved on to being the center of the entire manufacturing process.

From packing drafting and designing, to layout creation for the prepress, to the creation of counterplate and dieboard data for production, Artios CAD offers it all. Not to mention the creation of specification sheets needed at the production site or a 3D mock-up for design confirmation or customer presentation, all of these functions and more come with every Artios CAD purchase.

Artios CAD crosses the border of a simple graphing product, allowing the user to control digital data efficiently both in managerial and manufactural terms. Additionally, all necessary preparations for making a presentation to the customer such as making quotations and specification sheets can all be done from just a single Artios CAD.

No. 1 Share in the Industry

Artios CADThis easy-to-use software allows any package designer to intuitively create any design they like. Even people who have never used a CAD program before are able to start creating packages from day one.

Artios CAD 
About General Operation #

Not just packaging, but also works with POP displays!

Not just packaging, but also works with POP display!Besides paper and packaging as well as corrugated, an enormous amount of POP sign display and heavy packaging standards (pre-made designs) are included.

Offers a new dimension on how to design 3-D CAD data

Offers a new dimension on how to design 3-D CAD dataWith Artios CAD, using 3-D CAD data of a box's contents, whether it be a car part, computer, etc., the packaging and box can be three dimensionally designed around it.

About 3D Designing#

Artios CAD is widely used in every industry related to packaging.

Artios CAD’s main customer base by industry

  • Printing and packaging
  • Clear packaging
  • Corrugated manufacturing
  • Manufacturing maker
  • Design office
  • Logistics, packing
  • Dieboard manufacturing
  • Plate making
  • POP design display